Majority of MSP’s Back Women 5050

Majority of MSPs now support Women 5050

13th November 2015 – Noon

For the first time in the history of fighting for fair representation of women in Scotland a majority of MSPs support legislated candidate quotas.

After a surge in signs ups after the Women 5050 conference yesterday, now 68 MSPs (53% of current MSPs) support quotas for women.

Speaking at the Women 5050 conference, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, called Women 5050 “one of the most significant campaigns in Scotland”

The conference also heard from Scottish Labour Leader, Kezia Dugdale MSP and Scottish Green Party, Alison Johnstone MSP who both co-launched the campaign last year.

The campaign has been lobbying for the ability to legislate for quotas to be devolved in the Scotland Bill and will now will be turning their attention to the House of Lords and lobbying for support ahead of the next stage of debate.

Talat Yaqoob, Co-Founder and Chair of Women 5050 said:

“To have the official backing of the majority of the Scottish Parliament is a huge boost to the campaign. We can now be sure, that once we have the ability to legislate for quotas, there will be real action taken. We will be lobbying hard to have this ability devolved to Scotland. In the first debate in the House of Commons, the amendment supporting us fell by 120 votes, in the second debate only by 45 votes, at this third debate we will change minds and we will work tirelessly to win.”