Press Release – The Campaign For A Fairer Parliament Carries On


Women 5050 disappointed in Westminster decision to reject devolution of political quotas

Last night MPs debated 2 amendments to the Scotland Bill which would have devolved the ability to introduce “gender balancing” or quotas to the Scottish Parliament. Both amendments fell.

Amendment 123, submitted by Ian Murray MP would have allowed the Scottish Parliament to fully debate the issue of the under-representation of women and devolved the power to implement legislative candidate quotas. Amendment 162 submitted by Angus Robertson MP would have allowed for quotas on public boards.

Talat Yaqoob, Chair of Women 5050 said:

“We’re disappointed that these amendments has been voted down. The inclusion of just a few sentences in the Scotland Bill could have changed Scotland’s political landscape for the better and could have been the first step to a more inclusive and representative Scottish Parliament. Tackling the inequality and discrimination women face is the job of our parliaments. Introducing quotas are a fair and effective way for us to address the political imbalance in our politics. Women in Scotland deserve better than a glass ceiling on their leadership ambitions.

These amendments may have fallen, but the campaign for fair representation has never been stronger, especially with four out of five party leaders in the Scottish Parliament, including the First Minister, backing the campaign.

We will continue to pursue every avenue to make a fairer parliament and fairer public life a reality for women in Scotland and we will succeed.”


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