About Us

Where did it all begin?

The campaign was founded by life long feminist campaigners in Scotland and was officially launched by Kezia Dugdale (Former Lothians MSP for Scottish Labour) and Alison Johnstone (Lothians MSP for the Scottish Green Party) in September 2014. We welcome the support of individuals from across political parties and none, because championing women’s social justice is everyone’s responsibility. 

We’re not the first campaign for fair representation in Scotland. We stand on the shoulders of, and work with, formidable women who pushed the cause when a parliament in Scotland was first being considered.

Our wins so far:

  1. Four out of five party leaders pledging their support
  2. The official backing of Scotland on Sunday Newspaper
  3. A commitment from the Scottish Labour Party, The SNP and the Scottish Green Party to field at least 50% women candidates in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election
  4. Legislation for 50/50 gender balance membership on boards

We have had many wins, but the campaign goes on until we have legislated candidate quotas ensuring fair representation for all women, particularly those who are furthest away from power; BAME women, working class women, disabled women, migrant women and carers – those who feel the pressures of policy making the most.

We work as a team of volunteers and a network across women’s organisations in Scotland. All of us give our time for free.