Write to your MSP

Write to your MSP and ask them to support the campaign

In just a few clicks you can write to you MSPs and make sure they are supporters of a fairer parliament.You can view which MSPs have signed up here. 

Contact your representatives now and ask them to:

  • Sign up to the Women 5050 Campaign which seeks legislative quotas for women on public boards, in the Scottish Parliament and in local councils.
  • Push for powers from Westminster to allow Scotland to legislate for and implement quotas to have at least 50% women candidates in the Scottish Parliament and Council elections by 2020.
  • Make a commitment to use the powers already being delivered by the Smith Commission to legislate for quotas to have at least 50% women on public boards.

The Detail

Equalities Law is reserved to Westminster, currently there is a special exemption under the Equalities Act 2010, which allows for all women shortlists (Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Act 2002, as amended), in the same way, we are campaigning for there to be a special measure to have legislated quotas in Scotland. All we need is a simple rule change. Scotland can lead the way.

You can read more about how special measures in the Equalities Act works here.