Meet the Women #3

Meet Monica Lennon Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland:monica

Being one of the 51 new MSPs elected to the Scottish Parliament makes me tremendously proud. In total there are only 129 MSPs so when I wake up in the morning I feel both a huge sense of empowerment and responsibility. I believe in the power of politics to do enormous good. I am already in love with our Scottish Parliament. It is a place where we can transform Scotland in the interests of all our constituents. All too often politicians talk down our expectations but I refuse to talk about what we can’t do. My Scottish Parliament is one of opportunity and possibility. I can’t wait to represent the views and ambitions of my constituents. I want each and every one of them to feel that the Scottish Parliament belongs to them and reflects their lives.

As a feminist I am acutely aware that our Parliament does not yet represent all of us. Scottish Labour and the Scottish National Party are close to achieving gender balance but other political groups have failed. Some didn’t even try. The Tories to be precise.

As one of few women elected in Scotland as a local councillor (24 per cent) and now a MSP (35 per cent) I will never be satisfied until women have the same chances as men to make our laws and decide how our taxes are raised and spent.

Women 50:50 excites me. I have met so many inspiring women from various political parties as a result of the campaign.  In my new role as an MSP I am committed to doing everything I can to advance women’s representation. Including men in this cause is a big area of untapped potential.

Challenging gender inequality isn’t simply women’s work. We need feminists however they define their gender to come together to fight inequality and sexism. I hope to use my term in the Scottish Parliament to help change our culture. With Scottish Council elections less than a year away, political parties should already be looking at their selection processes. Tired old excuses about women not being interested or the best candidate won, he just happens to be a man, simply won’t wash. Especially if the vast majority of your candidates aren’t women. My policy on gender inequality is one of zero tolerance. Women 50:50 rightfully campaigns for legislative gender quotas. All the evidence from around the world proves this is works. We have learned in Scotland that gender equality doesn’t trickle down. It’s not enough to have a women First Minister. I believe that we have a big opportunity to make democracy in Scotland a world leader in terms of women’s representation. I will be reaching out to MSPs across the chamber asking them to help make it so.

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